Space is a vast, glittering ocean of wonder and possibility. It is no secret that we here at VOISTAR have a strong draw to the outer reaches and the beauty it holds. All of our voices are based on celestial bodies and solar objects; we, along with many other people around the world, are inspired and awestruck by the sheer magnificence and scale of space.

Presenting VOICES IN SPACE: A Charity Event, from VOISTAR.

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Coinciding with the release of our newest voice, AURORA, along with more content for SONJA and MIKA, we are hosting our very first charity event.

What Charity Is This For?
The Planetary Society! This charity offers multiple programs for causes such as Near-Earth Object Monitoring, the LightSail Project, and more! The Planetary Society provides grants to potential astronomers, activities for children interested in space, and sparks of inspiration for anyone who is fascinated by the great expanse.

How Does This Work?
Simply create a work featuring a VOISTAR character, tag it with the hashtag "#VoicesForSpace" on your favored social platform, and that's it! Every entry is one dollar donated towards The Planetary Society! At the end of the event, we will tally all entries across all platforms, and deliver an equal donation to The Planetary Fund, the Society's primary charity program. Once this donation is made, it will be made public on the official VOISTAR Twitter account!

But wait, there's more!

Prizes & Bonus Donation
At the end of the event, 2 winners will be selected from all entries! The 1st place winner will be able to donate $25 to the Society program of their choosing, with the donation being in their name! The winner will receive a receipt and email commemorating their donation! 

Additionally, this winner will be able to receive a copy of either VOCALOID4 Dex or VOCALOID4 Daina, from Zero-G!

The 2nd place winner will receive the remaining VOCALOID4 voice.

Rules & Conditions
1. The created fanwork can be art of any kind; music (originals or covers), art (sketches, 3D, 2D, physical, etc), prose (poetry, fanfiction, etc). There are no rules about what kind of medium you choose to create!
2. The work must feature at least 1 VOISTAR character (SONJA, MIKA Deimos, MIKA Phobos, AURORA) in some way. 

Download an asset package here for official art you are free to use in your works!

3. The work must not be racist, transphobic, homophobic, or otherwise offensive. Please use kindness and common sense!
4. You must tag the work with "#VoicesForSpace"! Otherwise, we will not be able to find or tally it!
5. There is an entry limit! VOISTAR Project is run by a small group of friends, so money is not unlimited. If the entries reach an unfundable amount, we will prematurely end the event and move forward with the donation and prize giveaway!