VOISTAR is holding a contest to ring in the new year! To enter, simply create a work of art featuring SONJA, MIKA Deimos/Phobos, or AURORA, and tag it with the hashtag "#VOISTARGiveaway2" on Twitter! The first prize is a copy of "ANRI AI" from AUDIOLOGIE, for the SynthesizerV platform! A number of runner ups will receive their choice of a Color Voice vocal for CeVIO, a series of voices set to enter retirement next year!


Rules & Conditions:
1. Digital, traditional, 3-D, and other forms of physical art are allowed!  This contest does not allow for musical entries. Entries must have SONJA, MIKA Phobos/Deimos, or AURORA to be counted; official artworks can be found on their respective pages for reference purposes.
2. One entry per person! Creating multiple artworks does not give you a higher chance of winning.
3. Any style, medium, or subject is allowed, as long as the artworks are non-sexual and inoffensive in nature. Different outfits, "alternative imaginings", seasonally inspired fashion, etc are allowed.
4. The prizes (ANRI AI / Color Voice vocals) are digital downloads and are previously unowned (as in, bought just for this giveaway). In the event of you winning, you will be sent an email containing her account information, registration, and codes for your enjoyment. This is JUST the Voice Library and does NOT come with the Synthesizer V Editor or the CeVIO Editor.
5. This contest runs until December 10th, 2021. The winner will be chosen in before New Year's.