Hello, everyone! This year has been full of interesting challenges and successes so far, and it's time to stock of what's next for VOISTAR Project. In this post, I'll be going through recent developments and news related to our various voices and projects!

Firstly, let's talk about VOISTAR's leading lady, SONJA! SONJA was the first voice I've ever made, and she holds a very special place in my heart. Additionally, she has a super unique, operatic-style voice that I want to capture more faithfully in DeepVocal. As well as this, I'd like to branch SONJA out to more platforms to really let her voice stretch its legs, so to speak.

SONJA Celeste 
SONJA Celeste is an upcoming voice that builds off of the original SONJA Natural release, adding more tone sets (including a very deep and very high set) to accentuate her operatic and professional roots. Celeste will also include updates to phonetic data, so her overall results will be a bit smoother than SONJA Natural. That being said, SONJA Natural is not being discontinued and will remain SONJA's "core" library.

We've partnered with
TokaToka Official to create SONJA Zero, a choir-styled sample bank for the SampleOne platform. This voice is a very basic, but powerful, set of "ah" samples that can be arranged in chords or arpeggios to create ethereal, cinematic soundscapes. SONJA Zero has a new design, created by wtrmeloon, which will also function as her Renoid design.

Perhaps our biggest undertaking this year, we are exploring options to bring SONJA to the world of A.I. Currently, we are developing her on the NNSVS platform, to be used through NEUTRINO with the ENUNU plugin. A.I projects take time and money, but we are making big strides towards this goal and a sample of her voice will be available soon! SONJA A.I will have a paid element, although exactly how we wish to achieve this is not yet clear. This project is still in flux, so expect more updates soon!

Although SONJA is receiving a lot of love, she's not the only one getting attention!

MIKA Phobos and Deimos were a big challenge for me in lots of ways; their unconventional voicetypes paired with the task of programming two voices at once overwhelmed me, making their release less than stellar. Both voices deserve a touch-up to bring them up to par with SONJA and future releases.

MIKA Phobos/Deimos Update 
Both MIKA voices are being overhauled to fix phonetic errors and suboptimal voice data. I've hired someone to help me out with this task so history doesn't repeat itself! Deimos will receive phonetic adjustments to her configurations, and her samples will be cleaned and processed to remove the clipping some users experience. Phobos will receive the same, as well as having a third pitchset added to her to bring her up to Deimos' standards. Both MIKA voices proved to be very popular with their users, but glitches and poor programming made them difficult to work with. This will hopefully give both girls a new coat of paint and let them shine brighter than ever before!

This update will replace their current voices; if you wish to save them, be sure to archive them on your computer!

Now, let's discuss our new additions to the VOISTAR family!

AURORA has been a smash hit in the vocal-synth world already, and I am blown away and eternally grateful for everyone's support! Let's talk about some details about our favorite Guardian of Lights.

AURORA Natural
AURORA Natural is a 5-pitch CVVC voice that runs on UTAU. People have pointed out her similarities to "Luka Megurine" of VOCALOID fame, but rest assured that AURORA is 100% made from the voice samples of her talented provider, Faux Snyder.

AURORA is slated to release on July 28th, 2021, and if she performs well, a DeepVocal port may very well be added to the pipeline!

Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to discuss our future projects. 

Two partner voices will be emerging from the sea and sky quite soon, representing out voices for Neptune and Uranus. These voices compliment each other, with one being solid and stable and the other being more light and wispy. Both voices, along with their designs, will be revealed in the coming months.

After them, we have a bit of a bombshell hitting our Solar System. A comet has entered our System; "
C/1960 Y1 Candy"! Is she friend or foe? Good or evil? ...Blue Raspberry or Red Cherry?