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MIKA is a dual-voice, representing the two faces of Mars, the Planet of Passion. Split into the excitable DEIMOS and reserved PHOBOS, MIKA's range is unmatched.

DEIMOS is a hypersolid, stable voice designed for pop, electronic, and techno music.

PHOBOS is a soft, superfluid voice designed for ballads, chillout, and ambient music.


​Main Platform: DeepVocal
Language: Japanese
Genres: Pop, Electronic, Techno (DEIMOS)
              Ballads, Chillout, Ambient (PHOBOS)
Range:  A3 ~ G5 (DEIMOS)
              G3 ~ F5 (PHOBOS)
​Tempo: 75 ~ 220 (DEIMOS)
              50 ~180 (PHOBOS)
​Tones: 3 Timbre Sets to Select From (Low, Middle, & High)

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Bonus Features

・"Breath Release" functions allows her to end notes with an exhalation. (Input ">" or "hh" to activate)

・ Fully compatible with both Romaji and Hiragana input.

・ Breath data is built into her voice, allowing natural inhalation. (Input "br1" - "br5", "*in", "*out", or "Asp" to activate)

Demos & Media
Product Name: MIKA Deimos (DeepVocal)
Product Number: M-DEI-DV-VS-02
​Hard Disk Space: ~400 MB
Product Name: MIKA Phobos (DeepVocal)
Product Number: M-PHO-DV-VS-02
​Hard Disk Space: ~400 MB

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