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Blood Type: O
Birthday: June 15th (Gemini)
Height: 5"10 (178 cm)

MIKA is something of an enigma to the VOISTAR System. Mars, once a singular entity with it's own Voice, split itself in two through an unknown means, forming Phobos and Deimos.

Both MIKA Phobos and MIKA Deimos are active at the same time, allowing her to effectively be in two places at once. However, her opposing personalities sometimes cause problems when the two must reconcile or form agreements with the other Voices in the VOISTAR System.

MIKA Phobos is shy, soft-spoken, and introverted, preferring to stay within her Mars-based domicile, reading books and writing poetry.

MIKA Deimos, conversely, is loud, rambunctious, and loves to interact with others. You can often find her at the latest party or event, and her favorite place to be is Earth (the parties there are the BEST, she says).

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