Below is the Terms of Use for all VOISTAR Characters:

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1. Content created with VOISTAR Characters must not be racist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise offensive to specific groups or parties. Political works with VOISTAR Characters are not allowed.
2. VOISTAR Characters do not have established gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, or background. Although they have a "Biography" and story, this is open to user interpretation and is fluid. Biographies, stories, and traits can serve as a "jumping-off point" for users to create their own story, or can be ignored completely.
3. Derivative creations of VOISTAR Characters are allowed, with some caveats;
                     -  Derivative characters must follow the above rules and be inoffensive.
                     -  Distributing altered voice data must first be approved by VOISTAR.
                     -  Sharing specific configurations or settings (ex. UTAU Flags) to create a derivative is                                    allowed.
4. Distribution of voice data as-is is not allowed; please refer anyone wishing to download a VOISTAR voice to our official website. If the website is down, the user is unable to access the voice, or otherwise, peer-to-peer sharing is allowed.
5. Distribution and modification of ancillary files (ex. various resampler files, "oto.ini" files, etc) is allowed and encouraged.
6. Commercial use of VOISTAR voices is allowed, but one must specify the voice used and link back to this website or the @VOISTAROfficial Twitter.