VOISTAR is holding a contest to ring in the new year! To enter, simply create a cover or original song with SONJA or MIKA Deimos/Phobos (releasing Jan. 1st) and tag it with the hashtag #VOISTARGiveaway on Twitter or Youtube! The prize is an unowned, digital copy of SF-A2 miki V4, from AH-Software!


Rules & Conditions:

1. Duets, trios, etc are allowed! However, at least ONE singer must be SONJA or MIKA Deimos/Phobos.

2. One entry per song, per person! Creating multiple songs or covers does not give you a higher chance of winning.

3. Any language, any song, any genre! However, songs of an overly offensive nature are not allowed. Use your best judgement! If you have questions, DM us at @VOISTAROfficial on Twitter.

4. The prize (SF-A2 miki V4) is a digital download and is previously unowned (as in, bought just for this giveaway). In the event of you winning, you will be sent an email containing her account information, registration, and codes for your enjoyment. This is JUST the Voice Library and does NOT come with the VOCALOID4 Editor.

5. This contest runs until February 28th, 2021. The winner will be chosen in March.